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Chapter 396 My Wife

  • Hearing that put a smile on my face, and I quickly took his hand before he changed his mind. We instantly became the center of attention the moment we set foot on the red carpet.
  • Of course, Christopher was the one they were all interested in as they held up their cameras and bombarded him with questions. “Mr. Lane, what is your relationship with this woman next to you?”
  • “Are you investing and participating in the art exhibition, Mr. Lane? Why isn't Ms. Martin attending this event with you? You said you were already married when she proposed to you on stage during the piano recital. Is that true?”
  • “There have been tons of stories on the internet about your relationship with Ms. Martin! They say you rejected her proposal by claiming to be married because you wanted to propose to her instead! Would you mind commenting on that, Mr. Lane?”
  • Being surrounded by journalists wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, and it didn't help that they were all asking about Monica instead of me. Don't just ignore my existence, da*n it!
  • “I'm here to attend the art exhibition press conference with this beautiful lady right here, so could you please keep your questions related to the art exhibition? I believe I have stated multiple times in public that Monica is just a sister to me. There is nothing else going on between us, so please stop bringing it up.”
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