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Chapter 394 Speak To You In Private

  • “Who is it?” Christopher called out from inside the house.
  • I simply stood by the door and glanced at Monica without saying a word. The look on her face turned nasty when she noticed the wounds on my neck and collarbone. “I said, I would like to see Chris! Please get out of my way!” she said arrogantly with her head held high.
  • I hesitated at first but eventually stepped aside when I recalled Julia's words and how Christopher saw her as a sister.
  • Christopher was sprawled out in bed with only a tiny bit of the blanket around his waist. Noticing that, I quickly ran up to him and covered his body up fully. He's my man! Only I am allowed to see his body!
  • “How are you feeling, Chris?” Monica pushed me aside and stood in front of him.
  • Christopher frowned in displeasure and held his hand out to me. Realizing his intentions, I took his hand in mine and sat down beside him.
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