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Chapter 393 Become A Monster

  • “No... I don't believe you! Monica would never do such a thing! You're just trying to pit us against each other, aren't you?” Julia's eyes went wide, and she shook me violently while shouting in my face, “It was you, wasn't it? You drugged Chris on purpose to divide us all!”
  • “I didn't! Calm down, Mrs. Lane!” My body felt like it would fall apart at any moment, and I nearly fell down due to the agonizing pain in my waist.
  • Smack! I felt a stinging sensation spread across my cheek.
  • Julia calmed down all of a sudden after slapping me and simply stood there in silence. Not wanting to get hit with another one, I held a hand to my cheek and walked toward the bed.
  • “Even now, you're still defending the Martin family? Hmph... I'm really disappointed with you, Mom!” Darius said coldly.
  • “I...I...” Julia was consumed by sorrow when she saw the look of disappointment in Darius' eyes. She then turned around and walked out of the door without saying anything.
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