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Chapter 389 He Wants His Wife

  • “Shut up! That's not true! I do love him! All I want is to be with him! I've loved Christopher for so many years! I don't love him any less than you do!” Monica shouted at the top of her lungs.
  • “Then, tell me where he went! Tell me right now, or he'll end up losing his manhood forever! Is that what you want?” I stopped myself from slapping Monica again and tried to remain calm as I still needed information from her. I wouldn't have been this mad if she targeted me, but I couldn't stand anyone hurting Christopher.
  • “I...I...” Monica burst out crying all of a sudden and stammered incoherently, “I didn't think it would turn out like this! I just wanted for him to be with me, but he would rather bite down on his arm than lay a finger on me! His bit himself until his arm was bleeding, and he even smashed a glass bottle on his head! I was so scared! I was already tied up by the time I came to, and he left the room saying he wanted to go see his wife! I don't know where he went after that!”
  • The chilly wind blew across my skin as I stood outside my house, fumbling for the keys to the front door. I was in so much panic that I failed to open the door even after multiple attempts at it. Christopher said he was looking for me, so it's most likely that he went home, but... He's not thinking straight right now... What if he's not home?
  • My body was trembling all over from the feelings of helplessness. It reminded me of the time I was on the island and saw Christopher lying on the reef with his life ebbing away while I couldn't do anything about it.
  • After a bit of pushing and kicking, I finally got the door open and ran into the house while calling out to Christopher. I searched the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom, but there was no sign of him anywhere.
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