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Chapter 382 Force Him To Submit

  • My head started to ache. Is it so difficult to accept the fact that I'm Christopher's wife? I've already told them the truth, but they chose to believe that I'm Christopher's mistress. That's really something.
  • Monica's piano concert was in the next two days, and I bought two tickets online for Christopher and myself so that we could sit together. I had no doubts that Monica presented Christopher with a VIP ticket, and there was no way I would be able to get my hands on a VIP ticket for myself. I just didn't want to sit separately from Christopher at the concert.
  • “I don't want to hear any excuses from you today, Chris. We've already made plans to attend the piano concert together. I've already bought tickets for two, so don't be late,” I said into the phone while I sketched.
  • I set the phone call on speaker mode, and I could hear some background noises from his end. It sounded like he was still in an important meeting, so I kept the conversation short.
  • “Why are you so enthusiastic? It's not even your concert. Don't worry. No matter how busy I am today, my mom will take care of things for me, so I'll have some time off in the afternoon. Just get dinner ready and wait for me to come home,” Christopher said, he sounded a little unhappy.
  • “Alright, I'll cook something nice for you and wait for you to come home. But you must remember to eat your lunch. If I find out that you've skipped your lunch again, I'll go over there and feed you myself.” I pretended to make a contemptuous remark.
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