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Chapter 380 He Did It For Her

  • Christopher knew that Mitchell would mention this matter. Indeed, the Lane family faltered because of this incident back then. After years of being under the tyranny of the Martin family, Christopher kept his composure and didn't panic when Mitchel brought the matter up.
  • He calmly took out a file from his bag and presented it to Mitchell. “Mitchell, what do you think of this document? We'll talk about the repayment once you're done reading.”
  • “Christopher, I have watched you grow up. My decision will not change even after reading it. Honestly, you have disappointed me. Unless you don't get married in this life; otherwise, your wife can only be my daughter, Monica.”
  • Mitchell took the file and glanced at it a few times. Then, his pupils widened. He became shocked as he read further, and his hands started to tremble. Christopher lit a cigarette, inhaled, and puffed a cloud of smoke. “Over the years, the Martin family did a lot of unethical deeds to develop so rapidly, and Darius worked hard to cover up for you. However, you secretly received money from the Walker family and wanted to replace him during this year's election. It seems the Walker family has given you quite the benefits.”
  • “By the way, when I was in the army last year, I was supposed to be promoted. I even prepared the script for my speech. Suddenly, I received a notice that my promotion was nothing but misinformation. I thought about it for a long time, but I just couldn't figure out the problem. Later, I accidentally saw the letter you wrote to my superior. Mitchell, I understand the feeling of you wanting to help the Walker family since you are the illegitimate child but hasn't the Lane family done a lot for you over the years? You seem pretty comfortable with getting rid of the Lane family.”
  • Mitchell's expression changed drastically. He trembled incredibly with the papers in his hand, and he was gasping for air. After a moment, he asked, “How did you find out?”
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