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Chapter 377 All Is Fair In Love And War

  • I didn't go to Christopher because this was a fight between women, and it would seem pointless for Christopher to come forward. After deliberating about it, I finally decided to look for Monica.
  • In order to find the cause of the problem, I went to Monica to see what she had to say. After all, she saw herself as a goddess, and it would not look good on her if her family ended up bankrupting the rival's family. Thus, she wouldn't want her reputation to be tarnished.
  • I was pretty proud of my intelligence since I was able to consider the root problem and come up with such a strategy. I would never have thought of this if it were before. Under normal circumstances, I would go to Christopher for help eighty percent of the time.
  • The Martin family resided on the mountainside in an antique-styled mansion. When I arrived, there were many housekeepers in the garden. Monica would be performing in two days so she must be preparing for the concert. Before I got close to the mansion, I heard the pleasant sound of a piano from afar.
  • It sounded beautiful and ethereal, but the melody was woven with notes of sadness and sorrow, as though the song was telling a tragic story.
  • The servant led me to the piano room and constantly reminded me not to disturb Monica practicing the piano and told me to wait. Since I was here to seek her help, I had to bear with it; so I waited obediently on the bench outside. After a few moments, I got a little bored and went out for a walk.
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