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Chapter 374 Are You Planning To Do This Forever

  • I was taken aback. Nathan's direct words made me realize how serious this was. I picked up the document and read through it. It was a signed contract that proposed a project so big that the Tanner family wouldn't be able to accept any other smaller projects due to the sheer manpower needed for it. It was obvious that this contract was very important.
  • I noticed that it was signed by a 'Mitchell Martin'. I soon remembered that that was the name of Monica's father. Clearly, this was an agreement between both the Martin family and the Tanner family.
  • “This contract is the lifeline of the Tanner family right now. We've already started producing the merchandise in the factories we own and had to invest in even higher quality machinery due to the terms in the contract. We're running low on funds right now because of that. However, as long as we keep going for a bit longer and pass the products to the Martin family by the end of the month, our company will rise even further,” Nathan explained casually.
  • I knew what he meant. In short, this contract was extremely important and the resources needed had drained the Tanner family's pockets, leaving them entirely susceptible to the Martin family's decisions. I smiled bitterly and said, “Don't tell me that the Martin family is threatening to end the contract despite the liquidated damages?”
  • “That's exactly the case. The Martin family is clearly trying to push us into a corner and we can't do anything about it. Only you can help us now,” Yvette said as she poured me a glass of water. Her voice had suddenly gone all quiet and timid as she said, “You wouldn't want the Tanner family to be ruined too, would you? After all, you're still a Tanner no matter what. You can't deny that.”
  • “What is Mitchell Martin up to? He can't possibly do something like that just because he doesn't like the Tanner family. What are his terms?” I could already guess what he wanted in return, but I still asked in hopes that my guesses would be wrong.
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