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Chapter 366 Salvation

  • Of course, I was tempted. Although all art lovers go abroad to learn painting from their admired masters, it was only because local painters would not accept disciples or they would just accept one or two. Some would not even show their faces.
  • However, what did I paint and when did I send in the painting? Why do I have no idea?
  • Christopher was holding popcorn and watching TV dramas with me. He was so bored he was about to fall asleep. Seeing me answering a call and then standing motionless, deep in thought, he asked, “What's wrong? Has something happened?”
  • “Well, I'm actually a little confused.” I knocked on my head. “The art exhibition organizer actually called me and said that my paintings received a good review. Don't you think it's strange? This time the organizers gave everyone two months but I haven't even touched a pen for two months. When did I give them the painting? Was it when I was sleepwalking?”
  • “Silly girl, maybe you were sleepwalking then?” Christopher pointed in the direction of the exhibition and said, “Would you like to go and take a look? There are so many beautiful paintings on display and there are also advantages for you to look at other people's paintings.”
  • “Great, let's go now. I can't wait. If I got it wrong, it will definitely impact my life.”
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