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Chapter 363 He Has Too Many Secrets

  • “Why don't you take a guess?” Christopher kept his phone and looked at me expectantly.
  • Well, how would I know? I gave him a nudge and pleaded, “Please, I beg of you. I'm really curious. It's fair enough that you knew about my hobby of painting. After all, I did paint a few times every now and again when I was younger. However, I don't even have the physical copy of the draft template of this painting. So how do you have a scanned version of it?”
  • “You really have no clue? What a silly woman.” Rubbing his chin, Christopher seemed to be weighing his choices. In the end, the man decided to hold off telling me until the good news was released two days later.
  • I rolled my eyes at him. “Why would I ask you if I have any clue at all?” Still not giving up, I started to move about on his body in an attempt to coax an answer out of him. As a result of that, I had inadvertently inflamed the carnal urge in him as his eyes shone with blazing desire in the next instance.
  • Sensing how Christopher's lower region was reacting to me, I panicked and quickly jumped off his body. The next thing I knew, the man had driven the car into some woods. To put it simply, we had given the car a good shake whilst parked in the woods. Christopher only let me go because we were meeting Sabrina for the night.
  • What a scoundrel!
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