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Chapter 36 No Longer A Wimpy

  • The fact I had friends that cared about me made me felt assured. As I marched into the mansion, I noticed a lot of guests, including heirs of different families, who had been invited to the banquet. Although the family wasn't a member of the upper echelon, it was considered a renowned family in Avenport.
  • It felt as though it was a blind date set up for Crystal. The moment I marched into the manor, I could feel the guests looking at me. The sense of inferiority had caused me to behave oddly. I just couldn't get used to being the center of everyone's attention.
  • However, after spending a few years in the corporate world, I could conceal my emotions and keep everything to myself. I looked at the guests and nodded in return. All of a sudden, I saw Nathan, Scarlett, and Yvette engaging in a conversation nearby the staircase. The family of three seemed to be having a great time.
  • I was supposed to get used to it, but it would still get to me as the one next to Nathan used to be a loving father. The one next to her wasn't Amelia as well. However, those were merely sweet memories of mine.
  • When I reached Nathan's side, I greeted him, “Hey, Dad.”
  • His expression darkened the moment he saw me. As Lyle was nowhere to be seen, he craned over and queried, “Where's Lyle? Why are you here on your own?”
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