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Chapter 351 I Have Loved You Since Then

  • I frantically killed the call, but my phone fell down and rolled into the room through the crack of the door. When I looked up, Christopher was already coming up to me, obviously realizing I was here.
  • I tried to run away, but Monica was faster. She ran out in tears, but she froze for a moment when she saw me. Then, she got even sadder and ran away with her face in her hands. This time, I could hear her muffled sobs even though she was already some distance away from us.
  • I felt like banging my head against the wall. I got caught both times in the act. Man, I'm an id*ot.
  • Christopher leaned against the doorframe, smirking at me. “Come in,” he said.
  • “Huh, the moon's looking mighty fine tonight, Chris. I'm just here for some moon-sighting. I can't sleep, you see. Well, you do your stuff. I'll be going now.”
  • I smiled awkwardly, but I was cursing my stupidity inside. What sort of an excuse was that? I obviously saw Monica trying to seduce him! Then I had a bad feeling about it, so I looked up. Wh-Why is he looking at me like he wants to gobble me up? I could feel him taking my clothes off with his eyes, much to my terror.
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