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Chapter 345 Better As A Goddaughter

  • Christopher frowned as well when he saw Monica there. He had a grouchy expression on, and it was obvious that he was upset. I secretly tugged his arm and got him to ease up. His expression turned warmer when he gestured me to Julia and Gordon before introducing me, “Mom, Dad, this is Ms. Yvonne Tanner. You guys already know each other, but I think it's only right to make an official introduction. She is the woman I courted for two years before we got together, and we are dating with marriage in mind.”
  • “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Lane. This may not be the first time we meet, but here are some gifts. I hope you'll accept it,” I interrupted. I could tell that Christopher was about to tell everyone that we were already married, so I cut in. After that, I handed the gifts over.
  • “You're too kind, Ms. Tanner,” said Julia before she gestured for the servant to put the things away. Her gaze seemed a little complicated when she waved and had Monica sit right next to her. After that, she turned to me and asked, “How are you feeling?”
  • “I feel much better now. As it turned out, it was just a misdiagnosis, and I will recover after getting some rest. Thank you for your concern, Mrs. Lane,” I replied with a smile. I noticed that Monica had been staring at me, and her gaze seemed off. However, I didn't pay much attention to it. She seems especially quiet today and isn't behaving as proud. Is this change because Christopher is around?
  • “Why are you calling her Mrs. Lane? You're supposed to call her mom now. Don't forget that we've already gotten our marriage certificate. You're not thinking about messing with me, are you? Don't even think about it, Yvonne Tanner,” said Christopher before he let go of my hand and retrieved the wedding ring, which I hid in my bag. He put it on me while everyone was staring and insisted, “Are you messing with me because you know that I will never marry anyone else? We're already married, so how dare you refer to yourself as my girlfriend? Let me be clear. You are stuck with me, and I will never leave, so call her mom now!”
  • I was speechless. For a second there, I felt like massaging my head. I didn't know that Christopher had already told his family about how we were already married. That got me lost, and the way he threw a tantrum made it so that I didn't even know where to put my hand.
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