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Chapter 343 Meeting The Parents

  • I stayed at home for a few days to recuperate, and Christopher treated me like a queen during that period. Life was too good, and after the scare we experienced, we learned a valuable lesson. It was crucial to live in the moment.
  • I was lying on the couch and eating some fruits when Sabrina and Zachary dropped by. Christopher was still treating me like a queen and was feeding me after he peeled everything. I got to just sit back and watch tv without even lifting a finger. It was incredible!
  • Zachary was a boring man and couldn't bear to see all that, so he inched over and told Christopher, “You have got to stop this. If this goes on, you will end up being a henpecked husband.”
  • “And what is wrong with that? It just means that my idol is doing right by my dear Eve and is treating her well. Do you have something against henpecked men?” demanded Sabrina as she pinched Zachary's ear. Zachary thought that he had kept his voice down, but I happened to turn off the tv at that time, so we ended up hearing everything clearly.
  • “N-no, not at all. Henpecked men are all amazing men, and we should learn from them. Don't be angry, okay? Increased blood pressure might hurt the baby,” said Zachary as he massaged his ear. He scratched his head awkwardly and added, “Also, everyone's watching, so please don't be mad.”
  • “That's better,” said Sabrina as she tossed Zachary a glare. She clapped the dust off of her hands and sat on the chair before she commanded him to peel a grape for her.
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