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Chapter 341 I Will Survive

  • “That's right, Ms. Tanner. Your physical condition isn't ideal, but it's treatable,” replied the doctor with his head down.
  • I turned to Christopher. His sharp gaze was throwing daggers at the doctor, and it was as if he wanted to skin the doctor alive. I tapped him gently before asking the doctor, “Then, why do I keep vomiting blood? Also, I get nauseous and dizzy all the time, and I felt l like I was about to die. The headache was ridiculous as well.”
  • “The thing is, Ms. Tanner, we didn't make a mistake about you being infected. We prescribed you a number of pills, and one of them was an antidote for the poison. Nausea and dizziness were the antidote's side effects. You vomited blood because the antidote was working and was expelling the toxin for you. As for your headache, that happened because you have been taking the antidote for a while and have lost too much blood.”
  • So everything is just a side effect? I twitched my lips a little but remained calm when I asked, “Does that also mean I got nauseous and vomited because my liver couldn't handle the high dosage and acted up? Wait, then my headache from the previous night is just because I lose too much blood and have a fever?”
  • “Uh, Ms. Tanner, you are physically weak at the moment, but you will be fine after recuperating. There won't even be any after effects,” informed the doctor before he stood up and handed me the medical report so that I could take a closer look.
  • I took the report and examined it. All I was certain of was that I was not dead... Or rather, I would survive. I won't be haunted by cancer and will lead a long, happy life with Christopher.
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