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Chapter 336 We Will Start Anew

  • He is trying to save me. He made many calls and managed to hire every available doctor in the two days that we were back. An expert from Anglandur would be heading over as well, but the good doctor's flight would only land on the day after.
  • Christopher received a call after we had our breakfast. He told me he was heading out of the house, but he didn't tell me what he would be doing. My guess was that the Lane family had called him. He had already returned to Avenport, after all, so he had to visit his family. I love the man, but I couldn't ask him to abandon them for me.
  • Hence, I helped him with his tie even though I was reluctant to part with him.
  • A new month had started, so I wondered how much time I had left.
  • I got the trash in a bag before I opened the door and threw it in the collection area. I was about to close the door when I suddenly caught someone hiding around the corner and spying on me with bloodshot eyes. Frightened, I jumped and hurried to close the door.
  • Unfortunately, I was too late. The man hiding around the corner rushed over and used his foot to stop the door from closing entirely. He panted after that.
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