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Chapter 33 A Heartwarming Surprise

  • He got increasingly anxious as I sniffled in silence. In an attempt to console me, he started praising me and picking on Lyle for being a foolish man. As I continued wailing over the phone, he sighed and requested, “Can you stop crying? It feels awful to be so far away from you. I hope I'm right next to you, so I can keep you safe in between my arms.”
  • “Christopher, I want to get myself some candy, but there isn't any at home! What should I do? I want some so badly!” I searched high and low, but I couldn't get myself the things I had been craving. Consequently, I wailed once again.
  • I could hear sounds of things being thrown around from the other end. It felt as though he was even more anxious than me. In the end, he suggested, “Dammit! If only I hadn't come to Coldbridge today! Hmm... Why don't I tell you a story to make you feel better!” He started sharing a fairytale with me. His deep baritone voice worked like a charm and allowed me to regain my composure. Shortly, I fell asleep once again because I was feeling down.
  • By the time the loud bang on the door roused me from sleep, it was already five o'clock in the morning. Intimidated by the presence of the one at the doorstep, I asked the person to identify himself and heard Zachary's voice.
  • He's Christopher's friend, isn't he? I once encountered him at the banquet! What brings him here today? I answered the door once I finished touching up on my unkempt appearance. “What brings you here in the middle of the night?”
  • “What? Do you think I wish to be here when I'm supposed to be sleeping? Someone told me to bring you this!” Zachary yawned and departed once he handed over a box to me.
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