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Chapter 320 Too Expensive For Me

  • There was a round object rolling toward me, but I didn’t notice it. Thus, I stepped on it and started toppling forward. However, the man next to me quickly pulled me back. I held his hand, which felt cool and smooth. Immediately, I thought of Christopher.
  • Perhaps, I really miss him too much. If not, why do I think of him every time there is a man nearby. Besides, Christopher would never let anyone call him a mute.
  • I could feel that the man was furious because he had kicked away the thing that made me lose my footing almost instantly. I didn't know how scary the expression on his face was, but the boy who came chasing for his ball suddenly stopped in his tracks and cried.
  • As soon as I heard the kid wailing, I tugged at the man's sleeve. “Don't be so hostile. He's just a child. Besides, I'm not hurt.”
  • Remaining silent, the man just took my walking stick from me, held my hand, and continued to walk forward, almost as if thinking that this way was the safest. What a considerate man—gentle and thoughtful, just like Christopher. Perhaps something huge had happened at home, and it molded him into the wandering vagabond that he was today.
  • I held his hand tightly, imagining that I was holding Christopher's hand and naturally leaning toward him. We were really close to each other, and I thought that a tough man like him would push me away or distant himself, but he did not say a word. Instead, he pulled me closer so that my shoulder was against his arm.
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