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Chapter 315 Rotten Smell

  • The next day, I continued my search for the ring with a sense of feeling that I would find it very soon. Unfortunately, I found nothing.
  • I was very upset and didn't want to do anything else for the day. Lucas visited me with some chicken soup, but it didn't help me cheer up. Apparently, his servant made extras so he decided to share it with me as it was good for health. Subsequently, he began to cough as soon as he finished his sentence.
  • I rested my chin on my hand and leaned against the wheelchair. “Why are you always sick? We met at the hospital the last time and now you're here, recuperating.” I asked in concern.
  • “Yeah, I've been sick since young and spend most of my time in a hospital. My dad had done a lot to keep me alive and well. Hence, I'm able to walk freely now. I wasn't able to do so a few years back. I would be locked up in the house if he found out that I was out.” Lucas coughed as he tried to finish his words.
  • I wondered why there would be tons of scandal about him if he spent most of his time in the hospital. He was someone who couldn't leave the house with such a health condition. Therefore, the scandals didn't add up. It'd only make sense if he was bullied by others judging from his health condition.
  • “I guess you must have pissed off someone in the media industry.” I firmly believed that there must be a mastermind behind all this. For example, there were rumors about me when I was a kid. I was described as a vicious and ruthless woman who bullied my sister.
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