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Chapter 313 I Am Getting Married

  • “Don't, Christopher isn't in a good condition these days. Why don't you both spend more time with him? Please ask Zachary to visit him more frequently. He might feel better with some company around. You can always visit me next month. I'll be able to see you by then and bid my best friend goodbye.”
  • “Eve, I'm getting married,” Sabrina said.
  • “You're getting married?” I was stunned. Man, she's moving really fast with Zachary. It didn't seem like a long time since they first dated each other. I was surprised when I found out she had hit all bases in such a short time and now marriage? I remembered how I used to tease her about her wild imagination of dating the man of her dreams. Yet, she could only watch Christopher and I make out in the room. She cried out sadly as she hugged a pillow in her arms, complaining of being a virgin still.
  • I paused for a moment before my face lit up into a smile. I was overjoyed. “Congratulations, Sabby! You'll be a great wife and I know you'll live a happy life.”
  • “What am I going to do, Eve? I really want you to come and be my bridesmaid. I also want you to be the one who catches my bouquet at the wedding. You're my best friend. Remember we promised to become bridesmaids for one another no matter who ties the knot first and receive the bouquet. I can't imagine what I would do if I don't see you at my wedding.”
  • Sabrina burst out crying. All the sorrow she had been suppressing all this while exploded at that moment. “Eve, why did you have to live such a life? You went through so much to meet the right man! Why can't you live a happy life?”
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