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Chapter 311 Melancholic Prince

  • “I got into an accident and I've lost my eyesight temporarily. But, don't worry. I'll be able to see again in a few days,” I answered as I leaned against the wheelchair. “What about you? What are you doing here? As the sole heir to the Goldstein family, shouldn't you be working your butt off at the Goldstein Corporation? I can imagine you attending countless meetings with the upper management and going through piles of paper. What brings you here in this small town?” I asked.
  • “I've never interfered in the family business. I'm here on vacation. I was told that this town was a perfect place for a getaway, so here I am,” Lucas answered.
  • We were catching up when a bunch of kids approached us. “Oh, so you both know each other? That's awesome! Now, you can tell us a story together. We can't wait to hear it,” The kids urged as they held onto our arms.
  • We couldn't bear to turn down their requests upon their enthusiastic expressions. Hence, we spent the entire afternoon at the school and even had lunch there.
  • I noticed that Lucas' was very weak. He'd start panting and coughing every time we walked around. I guess it wasn't a coincidence that I met him at the hospital the last time. He must be a chronic invalid. I guess that makes the two of us.
  • We both exchanged countless conversations about which medication was the worst among the lot. I was surprised when he told me he had bought a place in town. In fact, it was the house right next to mine. Who knew we'd live so close to each other.
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