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Chapter 309 Eyes Are Getting Better

  • I did not know how long I was unconscious. I only knew that I woke up in my bedroom to the sounds of Jenny sobbing. She stopped when she saw that I had awoken and asked me if I felt any pain. I shook my head and pressed my hand against my chest. My heart hurt so badly that I could not breathe.
  • My head was also throbbing with pain. I must have hit it too hard when I fell to the ground. My entire body felt uncomfortable. Just then, I opened my mouth to say something, but instead, I coughed out a mouthful of blood. When Jenny saw that, she screamed and threw herself at the telephone to call the doctor.
  • I blinked a few times. Something was wrong. Was I hallucinating? I could actually see Jenny crying into the phone. I could see her tears falling, and her choked-up expression.
  • I shook my head lightly, but I could still see the scene in front of me. Although my vision was blurry, I could still see! My eyes widened in surprise, and I looked at Jenny incredulously.
  • The doctor came by to check on me. He said that I had coughed up blood because there was a blood clot in my body and coughing up the blood was actually good for me.
  • My mind wandered as I kept staring at the scene around me in a stunned daze. While the doctor was listening to my heartbeat, I suddenly grabbed his hand and said excitedly, “Doctor, I can see with my eyes! You are holding a stethoscope in your hand, right?”
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