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Chapter 307 A Light In The Darkness

  • In the end, I did not heed Sabrina's words and left Christopher. When I left, she cried bitterly and lightly punched my chest in protest. She swore that she would not care about me anymore after this. Then, she strongly said that I should not have let the man who loved me get away.
  • Yes, I'm an idiot. It was clear that Christopher's heart was mine, and yet, I left him. It was cruel of me.
  • I begged Sabrina not to tell Christopher where I was going. She promised me through her tears and wanted to send me off, but I refused to let her. If Sabrina left too, Christopher would definitely become suspicious. He was a very perceptive man, and he would sense that something was wrong.
  • Yeringham was a beautiful small town. Unlike other cities, there was none of that urban traffic noise. It was a quiet and tranquil town located by the sea, full of beautiful, sun-kissed girls selling fishes and old fishermen always singing their old tunes. The entire town depended on the creatures of the sea for their livelihood.
  • In the daytime, a chorus of children's voices reading out loud could be heard from the nearby school. It was a pleasant sound. Listening to their innocent voices seemed to wash away all the heaviness in my heart.
  • The small cottage that Darius had prepared for me was located beside a church. I was never really a believer, but after coming to this town, I went to the church to pray every single day. I prayed for the same things each time — that Christopher would be safe and happy... and at peace.
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