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Chapter 302 Do Not Leave Me

  • As I spoke, Christopher's finger suddenly twitched slightly, and I jumped in shock. Thinking he was about to wake up, I ducked to the side and fell silent. After awhile, he continued lying still.
  • He always needed to hug something when he went to sleep as if it made him feel safer. The moment I laid down once more, he reached out and hugged me. He even nuzzled into my neck before falling still once again with an arm around my waist and one hand in mine.
  • I nestled my head into his chest, and the sound of his firm, strong heartbeat nearly sent tears to my eyes once again. All I wanted was to stay in the embrace of this man; I never wanted to let go.
  • I stayed in his arms the whole afternoon. I knew the sun was moving and as our shadows stretched along with it, I knew they were always entwined no matter how long and far they extended. I picked up my phone and took a picture of Christopher's sleeping face.
  • Even if I couldn't see, I could at least protect this little bit of happiness. Once I left, I could always keep this fond memory with me on my phone.
  • The thought of having to leave the hospital ward crushed my heart like a steamroller, and I felt physical pain at the thought of walking away from him. Perhaps Christopher and I were truly connected at heart, because the moment I tried to take my hand away, he clutched at it like a drowning sailor at sea holding onto a piece of driftwood.
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