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Chapter 297 Tell Him I Died

  • There was no shattering of glasses. Instead, there was a deep thud and Monica's sharp cry of pain. The cup must have hit her.
  • “Please, Ms. Tanner. Could you please consider leaving Christopher alone? You know how guilty he will feel if he finds out about this,” she uttered.
  • “Get out!” I howled at her with all my might.
  • Why must it be me? Why? We had been on a vacation when death brushed by us. Just went we managed to break free from its claws, it came knocking at my door again.
  • When Monica finally came back to her senses, she stood up and apologized seriously, “Forgive me. All I could think of was Chris. I really shouldn't have said such things. I should've thought about you too. Just forget everything I said. I shouldn't have come in the first place.”
  • Monica stood still for a second and before long she turned around and locked her gaze on me. “Perhaps he might think you died on the seas. That would be better for him. At least he will be spared of the grief of watching you die right in front of him.”
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