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Chapter 293 Tell Me About Mom

  • The nurse took a look at my medical record and fell into silence. “Ms. Tanner... I'm sure the doctors will figure a way out,” she muttered.
  • Her words fell on my ears like a final verdict that sealed my fate. The glass in my hand slipped to the ground and shattered. I was not dreaming.
  • “Are you okay, Ms. Tanner?” the nurse cried out and ran to grab a towel to dry my hands. My heart warmed upon receiving kindness from a stranger.
  • “Sorry to trouble you,” I said, trying to put on a smile. “Could you pour me another glass of water?”
  • The nurse got me some water, and I took my medication under her watchful gaze. I sat back in my bed, listening intentionally for my own heartbeat. I wondered if my heart would stop beating anytime soon.
  • Sturdy footsteps soon echoed down the corridor outside and stopped right outside of my door. I turned my head toward the door, anticipating someone. “Darius?”
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