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Chapter 291 I Am Dying

  • “I'm not confident, to begin with. Christopher's family is just too good for me,” I said bitterly, “I've thought about it a lot of times. I wouldn't mind if he were an ordinary man from an ordinary family. I don't need a fancy house or bottomless cash. All I want is a man who I can come home to every day after work and spend my life with.”
  • “No one gets to choose the family they are born into, so there's no use thinking about it. You're not bad yourself. You're a Tanner.” Sabrina nudged me in the arm.
  • “Yeah, I wonder who said I was the worst among all the children in wealthy families. I didn't even have the money to buy clothes for myself. You had to pay for everything for me.”
  • “I don't care about the past. What matters is that you're with Christopher now. The picture is already out there on display at the art exhibition. Both of you have just undertaken another important milestone in life when y'all got married, so don't you even dare think about quitting. I'll be the first to give you a good lecture before Christopher does.”
  • I sigh, thinking about the drawing. “I don't think I can do that anymore. I can't see a thing now.”
  • “Can you please stop being so pessimistic, Yvonne Tanner? You're driving me nuts! I would've left you all on your own so you could wallow in your tears if not for Zach.” I felt like she was on the verge of beating me to a pulp, but she held her anger in seeing me in dire straits. I had a bandage on my hand, after all, and I probably looked weak and frail.
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