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Chapter 29 Stop Talking And Kiss Me

  • “I'm tired. Let's sleep!” Christopher said as he warmed my other foot before he lifted the quilt to cover both of us and closed his eyes. I knew he didn't want to continue the topic that I had started earlier.
  • Yet, I wasn't going to run away again. I turned and looked at him seriously while saying, “I only went to the bar because my emotions got the best of me. I didn't think I would meet you there or that we would end up this way. But I can't be someone who's as lowly and shameless as him. I'm sorry.”
  • I apologized to Christopher because he really treated me like a queen. Nevertheless, he was a playboy - a man who'd constantly be surrounded by many women. Thus, I didn't think that his life would experience any significant changes without me. As for me, I was still Lyle's wife at the end of the day. Therefore, I didn't intend to cause trouble before I divorced him. To top it off, Crystal was back.
  • I had a feeling that her return would complicate things and make me suffer greater. Consequently, I would have to think about how to face these upcoming difficulties coming my way.
  • “So, I think it's best if we-” I noticed his expression turning gloomy as if there were dark clouds hovering above him. For a moment I thought he would leave the room. However, he turned around and plastered his lips onto mine, stopping me from saying anything further.
  • “You-” I tried to break free from his grasp, but he was too strong. He had one arm firmly wrapped around me while placing the other at the back of my head with his fingers running wildly in my hair. The man was kissing me hungrily as if he wanted to devour me.
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