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Chapter 283 I Am Not An Outsider

  • “The doctor said your brain lacked oxygen due to excessive bleeding, which subsequently affected your optic nerves...” Darius stopped halfway. Despite the terrible news, I admired myself for being exceptionally calm.
  • “Can my eyesight be restored, or will I be blind forever?” I asked composedly. Despite my vision loss, I still faced Darius directly as if I was staring at him.
  • “It depends on how well your body recovers. So, it can be temporary or...” Darius heaved a sigh as he explained the situation to me.
  • “I understand!” I put on a smile and continued, “I'm glad I saved Christopher with my eyes. My only wish is that he is safe and sound.”
  • Given the desperate situation back then, I thought both Christopher and I would die. Hence, I thought I ought to rejoice in our good fortune, even though I had lost my vision. At the very least, Christopher and I were alive and could feel the warmth of the sun.
  • After all, I believed we would soon meet our maker.
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