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Chapter 277 Incoming Alert

  • Lyle, who had been roused from his sleep, brought himself up and leaned against the trunk. He secretly gulped as Crystal drank her serving of water in front of him. Instead of saying anything, he continued lying down on his back, looking as if he had given up on life.
  • I placed the watch on the rock and kept my eyes glued to it. It was a night with a full moon, so I hoped to see something happen. To stop myself from seeing things, I rubbed my eyes with all my might and continued staring at the watch.
  • Unfortunately, luck wasn't on our side—the watch had remained the same throughout the entire night. Holding Christopher in my arms, we spent another night next to one another.
  • When it was about dawn break, I thought I was seeing things when I saw something closing in from afar. A few minutes later, I knew it wasn't just another hallucination. Immediately after I returned to my senses, I sprinted in the direction of the beach and started waving with all my might.
  • “Is that a ship? Are we finally getting saved?” Out of nowhere, someone yelled and brought the rest of the party to the beach. Some of them started openly praying that it was a ship.
  • I was never a religious person as I had never experienced any sort of miracle throughout my life. It was the first time I started praying, hoping it was a ship.
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