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Chapter 275 The End

  • Mother nature didn't bother showing the poor woman any mercy. It felt as if it wasn't a big deal when someone had just committed suicide in front of us.
  • I returned to Christopher's side and started shivering in fear after taking a seat next to him. “Eve...”
  • When I heard Christopher's voice, I ran my fingers across his wound, resisting the strong urge to cry. “I'm so sorry, Christopher! I shouldn't have poked my nose into others' business!”
  • “E-Eve, promise me to stay alive—” Christopher held me in his arms, but his voice was barely audible after repeating the same thing over and over again.
  • Afraid of suffering from severe dehydration, I resisted the urge to cry when I felt torrents of grief streaming down my cheeks. I knew I had to pull myself together to take care of Christopher.
  • We snuggled in between one another's arms to keep ourselves warm. Although his body was frigid, I felt a strong sense of security as I lay next to him.
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