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Chapter 27 I Am Not Jealous

  • I walked aimlessly on the streets alone as I did not know where I should go. I couldn't imagine the scenario if I went home now and bumped into Lyle and Crystal. That would be a total disaster.
  • Even if Crystal wasn't in the picture, Lyle would still find fault with me. After all, his ego was what mattered the most. I used to be such a lowly person only to feed his ego, and he was treated like an emperor. However, the embarrassment he had to suffer today was a huge slap to his face, so I knew it was something he couldn't accept lightly.
  • True enough, I received a call from him as I was walking aimlessly at the city square. He was furious and demanded I go home immediately. Upon that, I let out a small laugh and asked, “Why didn't you accompany Crystal or the other girl? Aren't bored of an ugly woman like me?” After that, I ignored his roars and hung up.
  • I sat by the flowerbed and shuddered as the night breeze hit me. I then instinctively hugged my shoulders to keep myself warm. All of a sudden, a warm jacket with a hint of tobacco scent was placed around my shoulders. Looking up, I saw that it was Christopher and stared at him dazedly.
  • “What? Now that you've seen Prince Charming, are you in love with him, or should I say... me?” Christopher looked at me. He smiled, and I couldn't help but stare at his jaw and eyebrows that were carved into perfection. His smile was incredibly stunning, like the brightest in the night sky.
  • I pulled his coat tightly and asked, “Why're you here?”
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