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Chapter 264 Hug Me

  • I trotted back with my haul: a few abalones and half a coconut husk. When I came back, I saw a bunch of people running toward a marsh, and I followed them.
  • When I got near the marsh, I realized that there was a natural puddle with some drinkable water in it, much to my delight. I quickly scooped some up with the coconut husk before going back to Christopher. “Here, I found some water.” I fed him the water I scooped. “I'll get you more in a bit.”
  • After Christopher had his fill, I finished the rest of the water in the husk. It was really earthy, but at that moment, it tasted like nectar. Once we rehydrated ourselves, I pried the abalones open with the sharp rock I picked up and fed it to Christopher.
  • “Let me do it myself.” Christopher took the abalone from me and sucked its flesh out.
  • Raw food tasted bad. It only took one bite, and I almost puked everything out. I hated the smell of seafood in the first place, but for survival's sake, I covered my mouth and swallowed the abalone despite my stomach's protest. This was a remote island. I was lucky to even have food in the first place.
  • That replenished some of my strength. I went to check on Christopher's wound and cleaned it with water. “I wish we had medicine around. What should I do, Christopher?” I was starting to worry for him. With that deep wound on his body, it would be hard for him to survive no matter how powerful he was.
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