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Chapter 260 For Love

  • The man took a few glimpses of Crystal's exposed cleavage and pulled her in. “Hehe. Sure. Stand beside me. I'll take care of you.”
  • From my angle, I could see it very clearly. How Crystal was intentional facing away from Lyle and how she pulled the man's hand into her shirt, licking her lips coquettishly. “You're so kind, mister.”
  • I was disgusted, seeing that Lyle was completely unaware of what went on as he tirelessly tried to get a signal. I shook my head. Lyle trusts Crystal too much. It's totally different from how we used to be.
  • But then, Crystal smiled and turned towards Lyle. “Lyle, come quick. This kind man here is willing to let us cut the queue.”
  • Lyle hurried over, and soon there was a commotion at the front, but I did not concern myself with it. Right then, there was another explosion coming from the left side of the ship.
  • This time, it was fairly close. As soon as that happened, smoke blurred out my vision, and the ship started shaking violently. Fire burst out as splinters flew everywhere. The people at the epicenter of the blast were instantly engulfed in flame.
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