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Chapter 251 Bullshit

  • Lyle was like a wounded beast, breathing heavily as he stared at me with bloodshot eyes. His cold rage was so terrifying that I retreated in fear. As I stepped backward, he took a step forward. I retreated step by step until I was finally up against the wall. I had nowhere else to escape.
  • “What are you up to now, Lyle?” I roared.
  • His eyes were fixated on me. Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and seized me by the throat. “I heard from Crystal that you're married to Christopher. Is that true?” he asked coldly.
  • “Hey... Let go of me...ugh...” The grip on my throat tightened and I could hardly breathe, and my vision blurred. Why is he going crazy again? I tried to pry his fingers from my throat, but he wasn't going to let me go. Instead, he tightened the chokehold on my throat.
  • “Tell me, are you married to Christopher? Why would you do that, Yvonne?”
  • “Let go...” I grabbed his arm and clawed at the hand that was on my throat. His grip was so tight that tears pooled in my eyes. As I struggled to breathe, I felt a surge of anger in me. All of a sudden, I lifted my leg and kneed him in between his legs.
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