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Chapter 25 Kissing Someone Else In Front Of My Husband

  • The loud noise of the cup dropping onto the floor and caught everyone's attention in the room, including Lyle's. “Sorry about that, my hand slipped. Carry on.” I waved emotionlessly.
  • “Eve, what a coincidence! I didn't know you'd be here!” Crystal flashed a sweet and innocent smile. Yet, I was nowhere near pleased to see my kin. That smiled had made me suffer so much. I was not loved by anyone in the Tanner family. Heck, even the housekeepers would bully me, and it was all because of her.
  • The crowd looked at one another as the atmosphere turned awkward. Lyle's expression dropped into a disgusted grimace as he stared at me like an uninvited guest. “Why're you here?” he asked coldly.
  • I ran my fingers through my hair and answered casually, “I had a business meeting somewhere around here, so I decided to stop by.”
  • “Oh, really? I thought you were on a manhunt, judging from your outfit. Bet you were probably out seeking for a companion.” Benjamin sneered.
  • “For the love of God, Benjamin! Watch what you're saying!” Sabrina snapped. She slammed her cup on the table and was ready to argue with him. Seeing that, I quickly held her back and shook my head, signaling her to stop. I then glanced sideways to observe Lyle's reaction.
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