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Chapter 242 Marriage

  • Christopher put the ring on me and smiled. “See? It's that easy. Now that it's on you, you can never pull it out.”
  • Looking at the ring, I thought it was sweet, but I still felt a little uncertain.
  • “You silly girl. Just because you had a failed marriage before doesn't mean you'll always end up with the same fate. I won't become someone like Lyle. He had it all but wasted it. He is the dumbest guy on earth. I won't do that though. Hey, put the ring on for me.”
  • I stared into his eyes and saw his warm, loving gaze. Then, I was hopelessly mesmerized. All I could do was followed his order and obediently pushed the ring into his ring finger.
  • Suddenly, Christopher stood up, hugged me, and spun around joyously. “Haha! You belong to me now, Eve, so don't even think about loving another man. Of course, if you dare, I'll just kill that person right in front of you.”
  • “Put me down!” I was starting to get dizzy.
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