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Chapter 240 Unrelenting

  • Even though I was shifting my focus to art, I still hadn't abandoned my work. Without inspiration, I couldn't create good work. So, in order to receive more inspiration, I would drive around and enjoy the view outside.
  • Creating art wasn't like completing a mission, where I could just sit in front of my canvas and forced myself to draw. If I did that, the end result would just be terrible. However, I needed to finish my next piece within a month's time for the next exhibition, and I still had no idea what to draw. I couldn't take my sweet time like before and remained unaccomplished. I would be undeserving to be Christopher's partner otherwise.
  • Since I was bored, I sent a message to Key to update him about my current situation. He was very happy with my achievement so far and encouraged me by providing me with a couple of suggestions for my current piece.
  • After a while, I typed: It's been a while since you went online. Did something happen?
  • It took a long time before Key replied, ”I went to a rather remote area. There was no internet access nor a phone line, and I had to work hard every day to earn money. I have only returned recently.”
  • If Key is working in such an awful place, his family is probably not that well off. I grinned and asked, ”You know, Avenport is a pretty good place. Even ordinary people like us can find a living there.”
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