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Chapter 227 Gaining Confidence

  • Upon hearing that, my friend turned to me with a piercing expression on her face. Then, she rolled her eyes at me. “Say, what's playing in your brain all day long, Eve? You've got to be firm in some things and yield in others. Life is a gamble. Show your hand when you sense that things are amiss. Conversely, you can't waver if you think that you can win. Otherwise, you'll lose everything you have. Do you understand me?”
  • “Uh... Sabby, I'm a bit lost now that you're speaking metaphorically with me.” My mind was chock-full of scenes depicting Christopher and Monica's engagement, my imagination supplying me with resplendent and grand images that I simply couldn't shake off.
  • “I mean, you have to be firm when you've made your decision. Do you get it now?” Sabrina was rendered speechless at my obtuseness.
  • Likewise, I was flabbergasted. “Can you please speak English?”
  • Growing irate, Sabrina thumped the steering wheel hard. Then, she reached out and pinched my cheeks forcefully, only dropping her hands when my face was almost squashed. “How could you have so little confidence in my idol? Is he a shameless jerk like Lyle?”
  • At that, the corners of my mouth twitched, and I sighed. “Sabby, if I hadn't known that you like Zachary, I would really suspect that you have a crush on Christopher. How on earth did he brainwash you that you trust him so much? It's as though you trust him in everything he does.”
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