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Chapter 224 You Let Me Down

  • “Yes, you've let me down. You promised me you would protect yourself, but it seems like you keep running into danger wherever you go. I've even thought about how I won't have a reason to live anymore if you die.”
  • Christopher stared deeply at me. There was a flicker of pain in his eyes, mixed with a shred of overwhelming anxiety and fear.
  • I could tell that he was really afraid. Otherwise, how could a man as tough as he was—a man who would not even blink in the face of a gunshot—bear such a panicked expression on his face?
  • “Don't say that!” I covered his mouth. “If it helps, I promise, the next time I sense danger, I'm going to avoid it like the plague. I won't go charging in again, guns blazing.”
  • “You mean there's going to be a 'next time'?” Christopher raised an eyebrow.
  • “No! Absolutely not! This is the last one.” I quickly waved my hands to show that I had learned my mistake. In my mind, I used to think Christopher got mad because he saw Lyle and I in each other's arms. He might have thought we still kept in touch. Hence, his disappointment turned into rage.
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