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Chapter 219 Rubbing Salt Into The Wound

  • Crystal and Lyle stood in front of me, hand-in-hand with matching couple outfits and matching happy smiles on their faces.
  • The romantic sight made me taste bile in the back of my mouth as my chest squeezed a little tighter.
  • Too drained of energy to bother arguing with them, I tried to step past them and walk away when Crystal grabbed ahold of my arm.
  • “Yvonne, there was no way you could have ever been with a guy like Christopher. When Lyle told me about it, I thought he was only joking. But now that you know Christopher is getting married to Monica, you should try to step away from the situation as soon as possible. Besides, you're a divorcee as well. Trying to cling onto someone else's fiancé will only ruin your reputation further.”
  • I wonder who the cause of my divorce was. I glared daggers at her.
  • “Ms. Martin is the most famous bachelorette in Avenport, and there are lines of men waiting for her hand in marriage! They will now retreat only because her fiancé is Christopher. There's no way you could beat someone like that. I'll give you a piece of advice. Give up. If you need money, you could always come to me! I have too much to spare,” she said, finishing with a saccharine-sweet smile that contrasted her venomous words.
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