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Chapter 212 Freezing Cold

  • I'd never seen him in such a bad mood before, and my heart skipped a beat in fear. “When did you come back?” I asked carefully. “I thought you went out to eat with your mom?”
  • “Did you not want me back?” he replied, his tone deep and dangerous.
  • “Of course not!” Mistakenly thinking that he was mad about Lyle and me, I hurriedly replied, “Lyle called me and mentioned my grandma, and that's the only reason why I went to meet him. Nothing else happened between us! We're divorced, remember?”
  • Christopher's lips were pursed tightly, and his eyebrows were knitted together. The fond, adoring look in his dark eyes that I had gotten used to had been replaced by a cold, stony glare. It was clear that he was angry at me, although this time was much scarier than the last time he'd gotten pissed.
  • He walked past me and locked the door, grabbing my upper arm and dragging me downstairs. He refused to answer any of my questions. He pushed me into the car backseat before getting into the driver's seat himself. The tension in the car was so thick that you couldn't have cut through it with a knife.
  • I'd never been in this sort of situation before. Usually, Christopher was the one who would create a relaxed atmosphere and put me at ease. Now, only the sounds of the car engine running filled the silence between us.
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