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Chapter 211 Aftermath

  • “If this was all you called me out for, there's no need for this conversation to go on any further. I want to be with Christopher, and I like staying with him. I don't care if you think I'm a b*tch or if you think I'm useless, and I don't care if you hate me for it.”
  • I whipped around to make to leave, but Lyle caught ahold of my wrist, his eyes rimmed with red as his nails dug into my skin. Without a second thought, I took my handbag and hit him on the head with it.
  • “Let go of me, asshole! I lost interest in groveling at your feet a long time ago!”
  • A strange man who had been taking a nap nearby us suddenly sat upright, springing to his feet and grabbing my bag before making a run for it. I gasped in shock, immediately tugging my arm out of Lyle's grip and running after the man.
  • Are Lyle and I a match made in hell? I swear, nothing good ever happened after I met him.
  • Lyle eventually caught up to me and blocked my path. “It's just a handbag! I'll buy a new one for you!”
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