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Chapter 21 Get Married Tomorrow

  • “Christopher, I'm a patient who just had a miscarriage!” I gnashed my teeth and bellowed. This man is despicable!
  • “I'm not going to devour you. Why are you so nervous? You look pale and disheveled. Besides, there are still some eye boogers in your eyes. It appears that I'll be the one on the losing end for sleeping with you,” Christopher argued cunningly as he squinted.
  • Eye boogers? Immediately, I rubbed my eyes to realize that there were no eye boogers. Knowing that he played a prank on me, I blushed and dared not gaze at him. Although I only intended to use him for my revenge, I couldn't help but care about his feelings toward me.
  • As such, I began to think that something was wrong with me. Christopher, who was a handsome playboy, had many women fighting for his attention, some of whom were more beautiful than me. There were even celebrities who wished to get close to him.
  • Suddenly, I felt like a fool for liking him merely because he was nice to me. Unknowingly, I became irritated and said coldly, “You're right. There are many women lining up to sleep with a handsome man like you, so a married woman like me is certainly out of your league.”
  • “But I prefer my little calf.” Shrugging, he tapped on my forehead and hugged me tighter.
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