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Chapter 207 Mother In Law

  • “Why?” I blinked in confusion. With the pills, we can still have sex if we run out of condoms. Isn't it a good alternative?
  • Christopher grabbed the box and tap it on my forehead before returning it to the owner. “You silly girl. This kind of thing is harmful to your body. Why would you take it?”
  • Glancing at Christopher, I was about to tell him that taking one pill occasionally would be fine but promptly changed my mind. As I thought about how he showed his concern for me, warmth enveloped my heart.
  • Christopher had asked the store owner to wrap everything up in an enormous shopping bag. I was stunned to see his purchases. What did Christopher buy? This is such a huge bag.
  • When we exited the store, I was in a hurry and nearly ran into someone at the corner. I hastily stepped back and picked up the person's bag, which had dropped to the ground. “I'm sorry. It was an accident. Are you all...” I trailed off after noticing who it was.
  • Christopher and I had just talked about Julia earlier, and now we've bumped into her.
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