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Chapter 199 The Man You Nearly Married

  • I was shocked that Sharon would know everything, as she had always been in the hospital. But when I thought about it, it made sense for Sharon to realize something was wrong after Lyle took out one billion from the bank account.
  • “I will, Grandma. You're the person I respect the most.”
  • “Do you really not want the shares? They belong to you, after all. Your mom left them to you. The interest alone has accumulated to a few million by now.” Sharon mentioned the shares again.
  • I flashed a smile and shook my head. My instincts told me not to accept those stuff. Inwardly, I still blamed my mom. No matter how hard life was for me, I wanted to work hard so I could face her without fear one day and tell her, “Look, even though you left, I worked hard to lead a great life.”
  • I knew it wasn't a good mindset, but my resentment had built up over the years. It would probably only disappear after I met Mom again.
  • When I was on my way out, I saw Lyle and Crystal being handsy with each other while making their way here. My brows furrowed up. Why did I have to run into them here? How unlucky. I recalled how I set Lyle up back then during our divorce.
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