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Chapter 198 Selfish Desire

  • “I'll think about it!” I did not know whether I still had that kind of enthusiasm to take a gamble and pursue my dream.
  • Then, seeing that I was not in high spirits, he did not continue the topic.
  • In the next few days, Christopher and I had a very wild time together. Just like he said, he hugged me to sleep every night, and we made love, did all kinds of crazy things in bed every day.
  • During that time, I had almost forgotten who I was. Fortunately, I did not forget that I still had to go to work.
  • Although my work was easy and no one would say anything if I made mistakes occasionally, I still worked hard. In my spare time, I would flip through the newspapers only to find that Crystal was in it again.
  • When she was previously in the newspapers, she was negatively perceived because of me and was in a difficult position. Nevertheless, she always had a way to make everyone think she was a beautiful, innocent person. As long as she cried while looking at everyone aggrievedly, it was as if they would all believe she was innocent. It was indeed a world that focused on appearances.
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