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Chapter 196 Testimony Of Love

  • “I... I was just so angry... That's why...” What could have been a complete sentence became an intermittent one due to Christopher's eager kisses. I wanted to hang up but he wouldn't let go of my hands. That was why I was forced to hold in the feeling of pleasure as I bit my lips to stop myself from making any weird noises. I was about to go crazy soon.
  • “Hello? What are you doing? Are you out running? Why do you sound like you're panting? See, I told you you should've exercised and clean yourself up to look prettier. Only then would a handsome man fall for you.”
  • Sabrina would never expect me to be talking to her through the phone when I was doing it. She continued, “You told me a few days ago that you've already settled the divorce with Lyle. Are you done with it already? Don't act all calm and indifferent all day when I'm dying of anxiety here.”
  • “We're already divorced. It was during the afternoon... Ah...” Christopher was probably displeased that I wasn't paying him my full attention and was talking to someone else while we were doing it. He was becoming more and more aggressive and I couldn't hold it in anymore.
  • I turned back and glared at him before gesturing for him to either help me hang up or let go of me. But he was grinning from ear to ear and even got more aggressive with his moves. The look in his eyes clearly said, “I told you not to answer. You can hang up with your chin now.”
  • I was on the brink of tears as I noticed that I had unknowingly put some distance between the phone and myself. His hands were around my waist with such great force it was as though he wanted to break my waist.
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