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Chapter 195 Only I Can Touch You

  • I was indeed afraid. Before my divorce, I was always thinking of ways to get divorced so that I could finally be with him. Yet, once I was finally divorced, the things that I didn't put much thought into previously came swarming to me, leaving me especially confused.
  • I gently hit on Christopher's chest and asked softly, “I'm very useless, ain't I?”
  • He hugged me and sighed. “To me, you will always be the best. Don't care about others. It doesn't matter if it's Monica or Crystal, none of them are as important as you.”
  • “Okay,” I mumbled in response but I still couldn't calm down. He held my head in his palms and kissed my cheek. “Do not back down from this, okay? I won't let go of you even if you're scared.”
  • I felt his hand under my pajamas and he put it over my heart. I heard my heartbeat as he stared at me with gentle eyes. “We shouldn't think about anything troubling now. You just have to think about me.”
  • “And then what?” I asked.
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