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Chapter 191 Broken Identity

  • The corner of my lips curled into a smile. Actually, I did not like smiling back then because I thought I was much too ordinary to look good even while smiling. I did not have Yvette's innocent charms, nor was I as alluring as Crystal.
  • However, at the sight of Christopher, the only face that I wanted to give him was a smile. I blinked and said, “Even though I've done something bad, I've settled a problem, haven't I? Nobody will pester me anymore, maybe the guy will try to trouble me. Then again, doesn't a guy look bad when he's disturbing a woman?”
  • “Please leave this sort of thing for me. You just need to stand and watch.” Christopher strode toward me and reached out his hand in a gentlemanly manner.
  • “Do I have the honor of inviting you to dinner, Miss Pretty?”
  • “Can I say no?” I asked deliberately.
  • “Of course not!”
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